Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Jason was just scrolling through his Facebook feed when he stumbled across a post about a magical portal. Excited, he clicked on the link and was immediately transported to the other side.

As he walked through the portal, Jason felt a sense of euphoria and wondered what he could find on the other side. Eventually, he came across a glowing castle and, before he knew it, he had wandered into the castle.

Inside, he found himself in a beautiful garden. As he walked around, he noticed that the flowers and trees were alive with colors he’d never seen before. Suddenly, he heard a voice Calling his name.

Turning around, he saw a beautiful woman standing in the shadows. She told him that he had come to the right place and that he should follow her.

Jason followed the woman through the portal, which soon whisked him away to a different location. There, he found himself in a vast desert. The woman told him that he was meant to find a hidden treasure and that he should start walking.

As Jason started walking, he soon came across a small oasis. Inside, he found a hidden treasure that had belonged to a long-lost king. With this new wealth, Jason could finally afford to travel and explore the world.