Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Jesse was sitting in his favorite chair, staring off into space. It had been a restless night, and he just wanted to relax. Suddenly, he felt a tingle in his hand. He looked down and saw a small, green light flickering. He reached out and touched it, and the portal opened.

Jesse entered and was immediately surrounded by a beautiful, ethereal world. He walked for hours, exploring this new world. Eventually, he came upon a small, crystalline pool. He sat down and looked into it, and suddenly, he was transported to another place.

He found himself in a lush, green pasture. He saw a herd of unicorns grazing in the field beside him. He felt a strongener inside him, and he knew he could tame these magical creatures. He walked over to them and spoke to them, and within minutes, they were following him around.

This was the beginning of Jesse’s journey to become a great wizard. He went on to explore more worlds, discovering new magic to add to his arsenal. He became a legend in the magical community, and he never forgot where he came from. He still visits the portal from time to time, to explore new worlds and make new friends.