Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

It was a typical day. Bob worked and shopped, and then he went home to take care of his kids. He was watching TV with them when they all started talking at once. Then, his youngest cried and he realized he needed to go to the store. He left and when he got back, his house was empty. He searched high and low, but couldn’t find his family. He called them, but there was no answer. He was beginning to worry when he heard a loud noise. He went to investigate and found himself in a strange place. He saw a portal and, without thinking, walked through it. Inside, he found himself in a strange land. The first thing he saw was a castle. He walked inside and saw a beautiful woman. She told him that he could have anything he wanted. He asked her to take him back home, but she said he would have to bribe her first. He found a gold coin and gave it to her. She took him back through the portal, and he arrived back home just in time to find his family waiting for him.