Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Julio had always been fascinated by the unexplained. As a child, he would tiptoe around darkened rooms, searching for hidden corners and secret passageways. He’d been drawn to the unexplained since he was old enough to realize it existed.

One summer day, Julio found himself poking around a construction site next to his home. He was just getting in the habit of exploring new areas near his house, in the hopes of discovering something new.

Julio’s eye was caught by something shiny in the corner of the site. He crept closer, and peered down at the object. It was a metal box, about the size of a cigar box. From a few feet away, Julio could see that the box had a hinge on one side. He approached it cautiously, and tugged on the hinge to see if it would open. It did!

Julio found himself in a strange, new world. He was surrounded by tall, spindly trees, and a beautiful, blue sky. In the distance, he could see a large, glowing portal.

Julio wasn’t sure what to do. He was surrounded by unfamiliar territory, and had no idea how to get back home. But he had to explore this new world!

So Julio walked towards the portal, and stepped through. He was now part of a magical kingdom, ruled by a powerful wizard. Julio was amazed by all the strange and exciting things he saw on his first day in this new world.