Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

It was early morning, and the sun struggled to shine through the clouds. The man was walking through the park when he noticed a strange, glowing beam of light in the distance. He followed it until he came to a large, green portal. The man hesitated for a moment, but then he stepped through the portal.

He found himself in a strange, unfamiliar place. He turned around and saw the portal close behind him. He was alone in this strange place.

He started walking through the strange forest, and he soon came to a large castle. He approached the castle and saw a large, golden door. He tentatively approached the door, and then he saw a magical symbol etched into the door.

The man knew he had found his way to the magical portal. He walked through the door and found himself in a different, magical world. He saw a beautiful princess seated at a large table. The princess noticed the man and called out to him.

The man approached the princess and knelt down next to her. The princess looked at him and smiled. The man saw a portal open in front of the princess, and she disappeared through it.

The man was astonished by his new found magic. He knew that he could use his magical powers to help him in his quest to find the princess. He was excited to start his new journey.