Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

At first, Andy wasn’t sure what he was seeing. It was just a small, circular opening in the ground, with a faint blue light emanating from within. But as he got closer, he could see that the light emanated not just from the opening, but from the entire ground around it.

Andy had always been interested in the paranormal, and he had always been curious about magic. This must be it, he thought.

He walked through the portal and was immediately surrounded by a bright light. He felt a sense of warmth and security, and knew that this was where he belonged.

For the next few years, Andy explored the magical world inside the portal. He met new friends and learned about the power of magic. He even started using his own magic to help others.

The portal was a sanctuary for him, and he never wanted to leave. But one day, he came across another portal. This one led to a different magical world, one where he could finally be himself.

Andy never forgot his first portal, but he now visits it often, remembering the wonderful adventures he had in the other world.