Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Brandon was always drawn to the mysterious corners of the world, especially the ones with portals. He had never seen one before, but he was certain that he had found one when he stumbled upon it while hiking one day. Brandon stepped through the portal and found himself in a different world.

He was instantly captivated by the magical sights and sounds of the new world. Brandon walked around and discovered a beautiful forest, a deep river, and a steep hill. As he explored, he found a small cave and entered it.

Inside, he found a portal that led to a different world. Brandon stepped through and found himself in a big city. He wandered around and saw the most amazing buildings and scenery. He also found a small alley and entered it.

Inside, he found a small room with a large black door. Brandon tried the door, but it was locked. He decided to explore the city some more and returned later that night.

He managed to open the door without difficulty and found himself in a dark room. inside, he found a large black crystal. Brandon took the crystal and returned to the other world.

He put the crystal in the cave and the portal opened automatically. Brandon went back to the city and found that everything had changed. The buildings were bigger, the streets were longer, and the people were different.

But Brandon was happy. He had found his new home and his new family.