Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Tom had always been a skeptic. He had grown up in a household where there was always a discussion about the paranormal, and nothing had ever convinced him that it was anything more than a fabrication of people’s imaginations.

But then, one day, he accidentally stumbled upon a portal while exploring the woods behind his house. At first, he was skeptical, but eventually he had to admit that there was something happening.

He would go through the portal and end up in different places, sometimes encountering strange creatures. But gradually, he began to believe that there might be something to it after all.

One day, he discovered a portal that led him to an alternate dimension. There, he encountered a race of magical creatures who were in danger of being eradicated. Tom decided to help them, and he soon found himself fighting against the armies of the enemy.

It was a dangerous journey, but Tom was determined to save the creatures he had come to care for. In the end, he succeeded, and he returned home to a happy ending.