Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Saturday morning, I woke up to my normal routine: work, go to the gym, and come home to my wonderful wife and daughter. I was about to head upstairs to take a shower when I noticed something strange. There was a hole in the floorboards next to my bed. I started to investigate and found a pair of rusty old keys. When I tried the key in the door, it turned! I was astonished. I had never seen anything like this before. I peered through the hole and saw a long tunnel leading down. I had found a portal to another world!

I excitedly grabbed my cellphone and took a picture of the hole. Then, I stepped through.

I found myself in a dark, underground world. The air was cold and damp. I heard a loud booming noise in the distance. I followed the noise until I came to a large open door. Beyond the door was a beautiful green and blue world. I could see a massive castle in the distance.

I decided to explore the world a little bit more. I found a small cave and explored it. I found a magical artifact and took it with me. I then returned to the world above and crawled back through the hole.

The next day, I told my wife about my discovery. She was excited to go explore the world with me. We gathered our supplies and headed down to the portal.

When we arrived in the world below, we were astounded. The castle was even more beautiful than the day before. We explored every nook and cranny and marveled at the architecture. We even found a room with a giant statue of a woman.

We stayed in the world below for several days, exploring every inch. We even found a hidden treasure trove. We were so happy there, we never wanted to return home.

One day, we decided to head back home. As we walked through the portal, we heard a loud noise coming from the castle. We approached the door and found it was locked. We tried the key we found earlier, but it wouldn’t work. We looked through the window and saw a group of monsters attacking our daughter. We had to go back and save her!

When we got back to the portal, we were devastated. We knew we would never be able to return home again. We were lost in thought, when we heard a voice calling to us from the door.

It was the king of the world below. He said he had been watching us from the window and he was impressed with our courage. He offered to let us stay in the kingdom forever, as long as we protected it from the monsters. We agreed and we have been living in the castle ever since.