Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Greg had always been a curious sort. He was always exploring, looking for new things to see and experience. One day, Greg discovered a portal. It was unlike any he had ever seen before. It looked like a door in the ground, but instead of opening into some dark, unknown corner of the world, the portal led straight to the sky. Greg wondered what could be on the other side.

He steps through the portal, and is immediately lifted into the sky. He can see the entire world below him, and even see the sun and the stars. He marvels at all he sees.

Suddenly, Greg feels a tug on his foot. He looks down and sees a small, brown rabbit looking up at him with big, brown eyes. The rabbit says something Greg can’t understand, but it looks like it’s begging him to come back down. Greg can’t resist the rabbit’s pleading look, so he reluctantly steps back through the portal and returns to the ground.

The next day, Greg tries the portal again. This time, he stays longer. He comes back with a new found interest in astronomy and spends hours looking at the stars. He even makes a few friends among the birds who live in the sky.

Greg never goes back through the portal, but he thinks about it every day. He’s never forgotten the sight of the small, brown rabbit looking up at him with big, brown eyes.