Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

In his early twenties, Tim discovered a magical portal that led to a different world. It was a wondrous place filled with lush forests, crystal clear streams, and billowing clouds. Tim was fascinated by the scenes before him and spent hours exploring the different corners of the portal.

One day, while exploring the portal, Tim stumbled upon a small chamber with a strange object in it. As he touched it, he felt an intense heat emanating from it. Suddenly, the door to the chamber burst open and a fierce fire dragon emerged. It hissed and screeched as it prepared to attack.

In a panic, Tim ran towards the door, barely dodging the dragon’s fiery breath. He slammed the door shut just in time, trapping himself inside the room.

The dragon continued to hiss and screech, but Tim ignored it. He had a destination – he had to find a way out of the chamber. After hours of searching, Tim finally found a hidden exit.

As he emerged from the portal, Tim realized that he had lost all of his possessions – Including the object he had been searching for. But he was finally home again, and that was all that mattered.