Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

He had always been interested in the occult, and had even dabbled in some of the more taboo practices. One day, he happened upon a strange portal. When he touched it, he was transported to an entirely different realm. There, he found a strange castle full of mystical creatures.

One of the creatures was a beautiful, winged woman. She offered him a choice- he could either stay in the castle, or he could use her portal to go back to the real world. He chose to stay, and soon fell in love with the woman.

They married, and had a beautiful child. But one day, the woman disappeared. He searched for her all over the castle, but couldn’t find her. Finally, he discovered a secret room, which led to another portal.

He was relieved to find that she had returned to the real world. But as he walked back through the portal, he found that the door had closed behind him, locking him in the castle forever.