Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Toddie was always a bit of a skeptic. He didn’t believe in witches or ghosts or any of that nonsense. So when his best friend told him about a magical portal that could take him to the other side of the world, Toddie was intensely skeptical. But he decided to test out the story by going on a online forum to ask people about the supposed portal. And to Toddie’s amazement, everyone was talking about this mysterious portal! So, Toddie decided to take his friend’s advice and go explore the portal.

As soon as he stepped through the portal, Toddie found himself in an entirely new world. He was surrounded by towering mountains and beautiful forests. He even saw a giant waterfall! And the best part was that Toddie was able to explore this new world completely free of charge! Now, Toddie was a believer. And he was eager to explore every inch of this magical portal.