Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Simon had always been a curious guy. He had always been interested in the supernatural and anything that could be classified as “odd.” So when he stumbled upon a portal that led to another world, he didn’t hesitate to take a look.

The portal was in an abandoned warehouse and it was just the right size for him to fit through. Once he was through, he found himself in a beautiful world full of knights, dragons, and witches. He was quickly drawn in by this new world and didn’t want to leave.

He started exploring this new world and found that everything was so much more magical than the one he was used to. He started making new friends and started to feel like he had finally found his home.

But then something happened that tore Simon away from this paradise. A dark force was coming after him and he needed to find a way back to his own world. He fought tooth and nail to make it back home and he was finally able to do so.

But when he got back, he was completely shattered. He had lost all of his new friends and he felt like he had been cast out. He didn’t know if he could ever go back to the magical world again. But at least he knew that it existed.