Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Every day, Benjamin opened his eyes and saw the same dull world. The sun blared down harshly on him, beating down on his tired eyes. He turned his head to the side to avoid the heat and saw the same grey buildings in every direction. He sighed and prepared for another long day.

That day, however, something different happened. As Benjamin stared at the buildings, he felt a sense of familiarity wash over him. Suddenly, he realized he had been here before. He had seen this place before, but he couldn’t remember when or why.

Benjamin followed the feeling and eventually found a door. He frowned and opened it slowly, half expecting someone to jump out and scare him. Nothing happened, so he took a step inside.

The door closed behind him with a click, and Benjamin found himself in a strange place. He was standing in a courtyard, and in front of him was an imposing marble building. A portcullis hungrily eyed him from its entrance, and Benjamin knew this was no ordinary building.

He walked up to it and tried the door. It was open! He stepped inside, and the door swiftly closed behind him.

Benjamin was now in a strange, dark room. A large, ornate chair was in the center of the room, and in it sat a strange man. He was bald, and his eyes were a deep, dark blue. He looked at Benjamin sternly and said, “Welcome, my young friend. I am the Lord of the Portal.”

Benjamin knew he was in for a wild ride.