Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

I was just about finished with my work day when I noticed something strange. I was standing outside of my office building, and all of a sudden, a portal opened up in front of me. I stepped through, and I found myself in a new world.

I didn’t know what to do, so I just wandered around. I was soon meet by a girl who said her name was Tess. Tess told me that I was in a magical place called Fairyland. She said that I could visit any of the magical worlds that I wanted, and that I could also join her in fighting the evil queen.

I decided to take her up on her offer, and I departed for the dragon world. I found myself fighting against angry dragons, and I was able to victory them thanks to Tess’s help.

I was so happy that I had discovered this portal, and I vowed to come back to Fairyland whenever I had a chance.