Prompt: Write a short story about a man who discovers a magical portal

Doug had always been fascinated by the tales of magical portals. As a child, he would spend hours scouring the internet for any information he could find about them. One day, while browsing the internet, he came across a mysterious website that claimed to have a magical portal. Excited, Doug contacted the website and arranged to visit the portal.

When he arrived at the portal, Doug was greeted by a young woman who claimed to be the gatekeeper. She escorted him to a room with a large, dark door. After handing him a necklace, the gatekeeper instructed him to wait outside the door.

After a few minutes, the gatekeeper entered the room and motioned for Doug to follow her. They walked through the door and emerged into a beautiful garden. As they wandered through the garden, they came across a path that led them to a small, wooden cabin.

The gatekeeper told Doug that the cabin was the portal to the magical world. She explained that the magical world was home to many different creatures, and that he could explore it if he wished. As Doug gazed at the brightly coloured creatures in the garden, he knew that he would never forget his journey to the magical world.